Group Coaching Mini Series

Interactive Group Coaching Mini Series:

Coaching mini series gives people a chance to collaborate and work through specific obstacles that keep them from being their “best self”. These sessions allow participants to create the lives they want – to motivate, inspire and to consistently step forward in bold and daring ways.

Mini Series #1: Take Back the Power You’ve Given Up
Over the course of four (4) sessions, participants identify areas where they feel stuck and give away their power. Then, they envision themselves acting from a position of strength. They immediately feel the power of taking ownership of who they are and begin to communicate what they want from this empowered position.

Mini Series #2: Are you Successfully Navigating Challenging Times?
Over the course of four (4) sessions, participants identity one challenge that they are facing in today’s uncertain times – and the emotion that they have unknowingly attached to it. Once they can get beyond the emotional obstacle, participants can look at how to creatively turn challenges into opportunities.

Through exercises participants not only begin to tap into their creativity, but also experience the power of self-confidence, the ability to overcome their challenges and make choices that support and serve them. They learn that these are key to having the life they desire.

Program Objectives:
As a result of these interactive coaching mini series, participants will:

  • Start to self-actualize and learn more about who they are
  • Understand what obstacles keep them from moving forward
  • Begin to create new dialogue that supports and serves them in their lives today

Course Outline:
These interactive trainings have a course model designed to allow participants to open up and feel comfortable sharing experiences. The sessions utilize exercises, especially visualization techniques that enable participants to approach each topic from a position of strength. Self-awareness exercises are invaluable for breaking bad habits and changing how we approach life each and every day.

Are you ready to take the next step in becoming a better, more intuitive communicator both professionally and personally?