Executive Coaching & Career Coaching

Terry Yoffe

For Business Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Those Transitioning Careers

Do you want to break through your own personal and professional barriers (fear of failure, fear of success, communication, self-confidence, etc.) and build a great business or career? I’m Terry Yoffe, and through executive business coaching, I am a powerful ally in identifying and overcoming the obstacles that high-achieving business professionals just like you face in your personal life and careers.

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You’re here because you recognize that something is holding you back. You may not know what it is, but you’re eager to find someone that can help you identify and work through it… because you know that there’s greater success and more to life than your current situation. Learn More »

Why High-Achieving Business Professionals Choose Terry:

Could you benefit from Executive Coaching?

  • Assist in your performance, learning, growth and effectiveness
  • Discover your obstacles and blind spots that are career-limiting
  • See yourself and how others see you, become more self-aware
  • Shift perspectives and change behaviors in how you manage, lead and make decisions
  • Lead based on passion, authenticity and honesty rather than out of fear and anxiety
  • Make powerful breakthroughs that help them unlock your personal potential
  • Stay laser-focused on creating solid game plans and strategies to achieve your goals
  • Celebrate the small victories and accomplishments along the way



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What Story Are YOU Telling Yourself?

Does this sound familiar: “I could never do ________ because I’m not good enough at things like that” or “I won’t be able to deal with ________ because I’ve never been successful with things like that.” The reality is that you’ve most likely led yourself to believe that these statements are true, BUT they’re nothing more than interpretations of experiences long ago. As business professionals, this is precisely what holds us back from looking to higher positions in our company, dealing with conflict or communicating effectively, realizing our dreams, and achieving work / life balance.

The stories we tell ourselves do shape us… but they don’t have to.

Giving up these beliefs, letting go of your comfort zone (as conflicting as it may be to do so) – and removing the story that has been put in place – is how we move forward, together. My job is to hold the mirror up to show you how you’ve been living your life so you can recognize your potential as a professional and as a person. So, is your story leading you down the path of success, failure or stagnation?

Changing this is precisely what I’m passionate about. I am your “change agent”. I help clients, just like you, create lives that are based on truths – not beliefs or interpretations. I understand the business landscape, the entrepreneurial and life experiences that help clients move in the direction they want to move in but have previously been unable to do so. It’s all about identifying and changing your story.

Whether you own or run a business or are transitioning to a new career, I can help you:

  • learn to meet challenges
  • gain self-confidence
  • resolve conflicts
  • improve communication
  • make transitions more effectively
  • improve life / work balance

Through the one-on-one business coaching relationship, I will help you clarify your personal and professional development goals and create a plan to meet them. It’s called Executive Coaching or Career Coaching, and you owe it to yourself to learn more »

Who Is Terry?

Terry is a certified Executive Business Coach who knows what it takes to start and run a business, the challenges and fears associated with change, and the importance of living a balanced lifestyle for your own mental, emotional and physical health. She is a member of the International Coach Federation and a Member of the Board of Directors. She was the ICF-NYC Chapter President from 2012 through 2013.

Terry was recently featured in The Suit Magazine, in an article entitled Hungry for Change | More on Terry Yoffe, PCC, CPCC »